I’ve Been In The Construction Industry Over 25 Years. 
I’ve Done Everything From........

Get To Know Me:
- My Family And Friends Have Always Called Me MikeySpikey.
- I’ve Been In The Construction Industry Over 25 Years.  I’ve Done Everything From Construction Billing & Contract Administration To Construction Bidding Administration To Construction Project Coordination To Operations Management To Construction Management For Property Management Firms And Architecture Firms (Owners Representative) And So Much More.
There Is Something That Excites Me About Being A Part Of Things That Will Be In Existence For Many Years. I’ve Also Been Lucky Enough To Be Involved In, What I Consider, Some Iconic Buildings.
I Just Love Construction.

What I’m Here For:
I’m a Life And Business Coach with Certifications In:
*  Life Coaching
*  Mindset Coaching
*  NLP Practitioner
- I’m Not Here To Tell You What You Want.
- I’m Not Here To Tell You What To Do.
- I'm Not Here To Tell You How To Do It.
- I'm Not Here To Tell You Where To Go.
- I’m Not Here To Tell You How To Get There. 
- I’m Not Here To Tell You What’s Best For You.
*I’m Only Here To Guide You As You Progress On Your Path, Providing Tools That Help You Move Past Those Obstacles That Seem Insurmountable.

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Where My Drive To Succeed Comes From:
Most Of My Life My Family Was Very Poor, Doing Laundry In The Tub, No Substantial Heat In The Winter (No A/C Ever), And Food Stamps/WIC Was The Norm. 
When I Turned 16 I Knew It Was Time To Do “It” For Myself And I’ve Never Looked Back.

The Day I Left I Told Myself I Would Never Live That Way Again And I Haven’t.
Eventually Making It Through College Gave Me The Confidence To Challenge Myself, On A Regular Basis, To Keep Striving For Success In All Aspects Of My Life.

What I Provide:
- 1:1 Life And Business Coaching For Those In The Construction Industry
(Contractors, Trades, Interior/Exterior Designers)
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It’s Time To Move Beyond Your Circumstances.
It’s Time For Your Focus To Be On You.
Satisfaction Is Happiness